Friday, December 21, 2012

Clendenin's Disturbing Connection to Anti-Hispanic and Anti-Semitic Attacks

Earlier today we wrote about Alan Clendenin's close ties with a political committee funded by Big Sugar -- "Floridians for Effective Leadership, Inc." Now we've learned there's even more to this story.

This same group was responsible for funding ANOTHER sketchy committee responsible for anti-Hispanic robocalls and anti-Semitic attacks.

The Big Sugar funded group "Floridians for Effective Leadership, Inc." -- which gave $10,000 to Clendenin -- also gave thousands of dollars to a committee called "Common Sense Now." This group was apparently behind a series of racial attacks which we've come to expect from the Republicans, but are disgusting to us TRUE Progressives.

According to a complaint filed against "Common Sense Now,"  the group used robocalls which were:
"particularly offensive, designed to appeal to and incite prejudice toward Hispanics."
 The complaint also says that the group was linked to anti-semitic attacks:
"The particular attack piece contained similar ethnic undertones and was directed against Dan Gelber, then Candidate for Attorney General of Florida, labeling him as “Toxic to Jewish Education.”
In Clendenin's plan for the Florida Democratic Party, he says "we should never take our Democratic base for granted. We must recognize the influence and importance the Black and Hispanic community play in the success of our party." 

Hmmm....wonder if this is serious enough to get the Hispanic caucus to reconsider their endorsement of Clendenin. It goes back to the real question, why was Clendenin taking so much money from sketchy Big Sugar? It certainly should make any TRUE progressive more than a little concerned. 

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