Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Should TRUE Progressives Take Political Advice from the Political Hurricane?

We all know the type. They're the ones who show up once in awhile to our local Democratic Club meetings and tell us what we're all doing wrong. But when it comes to making phone calls to undecided voters or knocking on doors, they are nowhere to be found.  

As TRUE progressives who been working at the grassroots level for Democrats, we know that dealing with these people is usually just a waste of time: they are never going to do any of the hard work to elect TRUE Progressive Democrats. 

Which brings us to the Political Hurricane Blog. The authors of the blog, Kartik Krishnayer and Dave Trotter, have spent a lot of time tearing down Democrats and throwing mud in the FDP Chair Race. It's seems Alan Clendenin is behind this garbage, or at at least he hasn't spoken up against it. 

Dave Trotter and Kartik Krishnayer have also been giving plenty of political advice. So let's take a look at whether these two really know what they are talking about. Here's how they describe themselves IN THEIR OWN WORDS from the comments section of their blog. 

"Though I have not worked in politics for over six years and have a career today in a specialized industry far flung from these battles." Kartik Krishnayer.
 "And, like Kartik, I have not been heavily involved in Democratic politics in Florida for a number of years." Dave Trotter. 
"But in 2000, I had other employment priorities, as I currently do today (which has nothing to do with politics whatsoever, but instead music production."  Dave Trotter. 
"CD 18: Does Allen West Have A Point." Kartik Krishnaiyer. 
These two love making noise and talking about themselves, but when it comes to doing actual work or trying to make Florida a better place, to quote Dave Trotter, they "have not been heavily involved in Democratic politics in Florida for a number of years."

As TRUE Progressives, we should be evaluating the candidates for FDP Chair based on their commitment to progressive ideas and policies. That's why Alan Clendenin's history of taking thousands from Big Sugar (the number one enemy of our state's environment and a destroyer of the everglades which has also been linked to anti-hispanic and anti-semitic campaigns) is so disgusting. 

Even the bloggers over at the Political Hurricane know how dirty Clendenin's Big Sugar backers are. Or at least they should. Back in July Kartik Krishnaiyer wrote  a post called "Florida Democrats Addiction to Sugar Money." Here's what he said. 
"No industry has done more damage to the fragile Everglades system than big sugar. Runoff from sugar has caused many of the problems the Everglades now faces." 
"When the influence of one industry trumps the greater good as it has for years, Democrats have to think twice about whether this money is worth taking." 
"It is disappointing to see so many progressives not understand the importance of protecting the Everglades and restoring Florida’s ecosystem to something bordering on sustainable- something it is not right now." 
After writing stuff like that, you'd think that the Political Hurricane would be all over Clendenin once it was revealed that he's taken thousand from Big Sugar. In their words, "no industry has done more damage to the fragile Everglades system than big sugar."

But no, Dave Trotter and Kartik Krishnaiyer keep defending their man and attacking other Democrats, because they don't really care about the fight for TRUE Progressive ideas, they just want to sling mud and make a lot of noise. 

So should we TRUE Progressive Democrats take political advice from these two? Not a chance. 


  1. Well, since nobody ever remarks to your outlandish posts on here, I guess I will give it a crack. Here we go.

    First of all, you are an organization that throws peanuts from the gallery while hiding behind a veil of secrecy. You don't identify yourself, and seem to be very chicken to even admit who you are. When I make my post, I let you know who I am. Hell, you even quote me in this post.

    But see, I guess that is the Chicagoan in me. I can fight, fight and fight and keep on going. If I have an issue with you, I will let you know that it came from me. I won't run away, block you on Facebook or do anything else that is quite cowardly. I will let you know "hey, Dave Trotter wrote that." Nothing to hide here.

    Being raised in Chicago, I know tough politics. My first experience in politics was the 1983 Chicago mayors race at the age of 9. I know how dirty it can get, even from that young age. My grandfather was highly involved with "The Machine" on the south side from 87th all the way down to Alsip, so I know where things stand. In fact, when I am attacked like I am here, I just get more pumped. I do more research and find out more things about people and let others know.

    As far about being "true" progressives, we have written tons of articles about progressive politics while all you talk about is the FDP Chair's race. You don't even TALK about progressive issues. Yes, you talk about big sugar, BUT LOOK AT HOW MUCH MONEY THE CURRENT FDP, which supports Allison Tant, HAS TAKEN FROM BIG SUGAR. I have to shout it to you because you are too far away to slap you across the head while yelling "McFly"!

    On the flip side, your organization is basically calling Mr. Clendenin anti-Jewish and a racist. ALL of our reporting that we have done has been based on FACTS. We do the research and we look up things. You, on the other hand, throw around words without any reasoning behind them whatsoever and just want to cause problems.

    There are two reasons that we have taken an interest in this race. First, unlike the people you support, we aren't happy with the status quo. It seems that you are extremely happy with losing...we are not.

    The second reason is that a lot of people in the Florida Democratic Party, including Ellis Robinson, Susannah Randolph, Loranne Ausley, Chris Findlater and a number of other vendors (which we will be exposing over the next couple of days) have a financial interest to keep the status quo. I am pretty sure that this blog is done by one of these vendors or so-called "organizers" that we will be talking about over the next few days.

    Anyway, any old blind, knackered goat could tell who the establishment candidate is and who the real candidate that wants to change the party is. That one is a no brainer.

    Oh, and as far as campaigns that I have "knocked on doors for" WITHOUT pay, do you really want me to put up that list? Alright, here we go:

    As a kid - Jane Byrne for Mayor 1983
    As a kid - Michael Dukakis for President 1988
    Roy Hester for School Board 1992
    Tom Harkin for President 1992
    Becky Cherney for County Commission 1992
    Employed with Buddy Dyer for State Senate 1992
    Lawton Chiles for Governor 1994
    Deb Prewitt for State House 1994
    Allen Boyd for Congress 1996
    Kent Cooper for State House 1996
    Buddy MacKay for Governor 1998

    Yeah, that was just LAST CENTURY before anyone like the Randoplhs were involved in politics. Do you want this century as well? Unlike the people that are more than likely behind this site, I didn't help these campaigns for money, I did it because I wanted to be involved and like the candidates!

    I could have responded to your article on our website, but I wouldn't want to give you all the satisfaction of it being read by the hundreds of page views we get per day. Therefore, I decided to do it here.


  2. As far as your "not been involved for a number of years", yeah that is the case. And my what? I haven't been "involved" because of two reasons. First, I LIVED IN UTAH AND ILLINOIS! Yes, kind of impossible to actually knock on doors when you are 2,000 miles away in Salt Lake City, isn't it? Therefore, you can see that my livelihood doesn't rely on who runs the FDP, unlike others.

    Still, I followed politics closely. In fact, I have followed it more than some of Mrs. Tant's supporters. Hell, one time I mentioned to the Randolphs that Mike Horner was a Democrat in 1992 and they didn't even know! They didn't even know who Marvin Couch was! I would mention names in Florida politics from the 1990s and they were clueless. So before you start attacking me because I haven't been involved in Florida politics physically (because 1,000 miles is a long commute to go knock on doors), it seems as if I know a ton more than those that are currently glorified!

    Yes, maybe the Randolphs and others are sucking at the teat of progressive politics for economic gains, but I refuse to go so low. Apparently, this website doesn't mind doing it.

    Also, should TRUE progressives take political advice from people who lobby for DBT Online, create organizations to become cash cows and have been responsible for the current shit condition the party finds itself in now? Not a chance ;)

  3. Your commentary will be more relevant if you identify yourself.

  4. I think it is important we have a dialogue on issues related to the party. No person or set of supporters has all the answers or all the solutions. Our party has performed so poorly in recent electoral cycles (when I first got involved as a volunteer we had 74 house seats, we now have 44 and are acting as if we achieved some great victory)that we all should be working together to achieve this solution.

    I will admit Mr. Clendenin's connections to sugar trouble me as do the connections of many Florida Democrats. As I have pointed out repeatedly, protecting the environment was long an issue that had bi-partisan support and now seems to have very little support in either party.

    But the bottom line is that Mr. Clendenin has a plan to rebuild the grassroots of the party. I have been around long enough and know most of the state well enough to realize many of his solutions are badly needed regardless of WHO implements them. But instead of embracing his plan and acknowledged the need for reform and restructuring of the party his opposition has turned to character assassination.

    As for my involvement you have selectively chosen quotes above out of context, which I will admit is quote clever. I have not been employed professionally in politics since just after the 2006 cycle. That does not mean I have not volunteered my time, efforts, blood, sweat and tears on progressive causes and candidates since. My point was that I know longer make money off of politics and since my livelihood isn't tied to the party as it once was, I can speak freely and advocate reform, something I was unable to do previously. Regarding the West quote, read the article. My point is Democrats should ALWAYS advocate the counting of every ballot and every vote. That's what we did in 2000 (I was very involved in that election, just Google my name and 2000 recount and below the recent TPH articles you will see my efforts all of which were unpaid, heck it even cost me a job I had agreed to start. thankfully the PBC Dem Party was indebted to my efforts among others and they employed me after for several months.

    Again I would love to have an open and honest dialogue with you about how we can rebuild a party that has struggled in recent years. That can be done if you come forward, identify who you are and open a dialogue with me. I'll be more than happy to sit down with you person to person and work together to rebuild our party.

  5. The "type?" Maybe they are nowhere to be found for knocking on doors and doing voter regis drives because the time invested versus success of those efforts is so low. I have done both both in S. FL and frankly, it was a waste of time. What we need is more in-person activism (ala OWS type tactics). When you have a roster of those, let me know. Everytime there is a nationwide planned protest in DC, with transportation by bus provided based on states demonstrated interest in attending, Florida never gets a bus because there is never enough interest (the latest was for Keystone XL protest). Additionally, as far as Tallahassee goes, there is no real difference between Dems and GOPs. Both are owned by the utilities, insurance companies, developers, and Corps.